Sweet Treats

The best way to round off any event / occasion. 



From £25 per Dozen

Sponge cake, encased in a Candy coated shell, on a stick. Can be wrapped individually and a bow added to each stick. Price varies on requirements. Minimum 12.

Blondie Slab

£15 + p&p

White Chocolate based Blondie with 9 generous servings or 16 bitesized. Available in Jammie Dodger, Kinder, Dairy Milk Caramel and more.


Sugar Cookies

From £25 (Min 12)

Vanilla Sugar Cookies, finished off with Fondant Icing. Can be customised with names, colours and designs. Custom stamps can be designed upon request for £10. 

Celebration Brownie

From £20

9" Brownie Slab, perfect for 16 small portions or 9 generous, when cut. Decorated with a Buttercream border in 1-3 desired colours, finished off with a Fondant Circle with a message in the Centre. Chocolates, Sugar Cookies, Geo Hearts, Macarons, Faux Flowers, and Mini Alcohol bottles can be added at an extra cost.